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About Coach Jay


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“It’s not over, you can keep going and you will win” _ JayMonay


My name is Jasmine Greer. I was born in Harbor City, Ca but raised in Palmdale, Ca. I currently reside in Los Angeles, Ca. Life has hit me in many ways, but I have continued to push through and stamp myself as an OVERCOMER. From losing my dad the very young age of six years old, to continuing with the dream of furthering my education, from single relationship woes, to finding myself, and to establishing myself as the woman I am today. 


My goal is to help others with their transition with life experiences. Whether that transition is with balance, education or many transitions at once, I am the ONE. I want others to see and learn to put their best foot forward. 

My passion has always been to help and serve others in a way that they can always remember and learn from their life experiences. Working in the Social Work field for the last 6 years and the most recent 2 years in the CSEC (commercially sexually exploited children) population, I have leaned into the ignited fire within me with working with Transitional Age Youth (18-25). With a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, a Master’s of Science in Educational Counseling and a Certification in Life Coaching, I am fully prepared in identifying how to keep you moving forward and your ultimate winning strategy.  I’ve mothered over a hundred plus children to date, not biologically, but they all have stamped my heart with their unique boldness. 

With my coaching services, I will be a listening ear, support system, sounding board, leader and mentor to you. I enjoy helping others and ultimately seeing them “win”. One of my favorite scriptures and daily affirmations is “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me “(Philippians 4:13). It will be my duty to build and empower you with this as well. I will be able to help you unlock the keys to understanding, transitioning and self-worth. Remember, It’s not over, you can keep going, you will win. 

_Certified Life Coach Jay

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